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The Simtec 220PM (permanent magnet) controllers offers a cost effective solution to low voltage low current applications such as mobility scooters, sweepers and scrubbers, when fitted with permanent magnet drive motors.
The Simtec 220PM controllers incorporate the latest transistor technology with all the inbuilt safety systems that you would expect from a quality product.
The Simtec 220PM controller similar design characteristics to other controllers with an identical footprint and a very low profile, ideal where space is at a premium.

Outline specifications:   Features:
Voltage: 12-48V
Armature Rating: 220A (1 min)
Field Rating 20A
Frequency: 15 KHz
Operating Temp: -30°C +80°C
Dimensions: 200(L) x 170(W) x 55(H)
  Triple failsafe
Built-in diagnostics
Ramp start
Over-temperature cutback
Built in contactor suppression
User Benefits   Option
Quiet in operation
Increased shift life
Enhanced motor life
Simple installation
Minimum set-up time
Reduced maintenance
Suitable for cold storage
  Anti-crush facility
Automatic electric braking
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